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Feb 15, 2013 11:00pm EST
with jessie jackson jury. they say he used about 750 thousand dollars from campaign accounts for personal benefits. this means that jackson gave up the right to have a grand jury hear the case and has reached that deal for with a guilty plea. the money was spent for movie memorabilia. jacksonresigned after he was admitted for treatment of bipolar disorder. >> steve kon is responding to the continue verse si of tweets sent. they were sent to a by key knee model and that happened to be his daughter. the textssaid i love you. >> they were making it out like it was something that was perverted and that was disgusting to her i'm sure and hurtful to her. i didn't like it either. >> he says he only learned he had a daughter three yeeshs ago. >> in washington today brb honor third degree teachers and staff killed during the sandy hook shooting. . >> they gave all they had for the most innocent and helpless among us. the courageous heart, the selfless spirit, the inspiring actions of americans. the president hugs the mother and daughter of teacher's aide rachel i did convene know. >> it look
Feb 20, 2013 11:00pm EST
, doing his michael jackson. >> since i've been out here, i haven't had an accident. >> we all have that morning rush, too many things on our mind and once we see the mit, the mickey mouse ears, we all know everything is right. nobody has more fun with his job. >> he's the man who plays in traffic every day, watches his backside and just gives us the best greeting to start our day. >> it puts a smile on the people's face. . >> mr. greg is turning intie baltimore institution. >> you have a nice day. . >> it's almost 8:00 o'clock, wait a minute. i get turned around. i did so much waving that it spins all around my arm. . >> quitting time. >> just about. >> tomorrow when you see mr. greshgs tell him, you are too good to be true. >> let's go. yeah, that's it. i'll see you tomorrow. >> worn out. i know you know someone who is too good to be true. send me a message on facebook or twit sgler three days to go and anticipation is building ahead of the oscar show. you'll only be able to see it here on abc2 news. rainhampered preparations today but the academy says it's ahead of sche
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2